About the organizers: 

Fringe Urban Narratives is an interdisciplinary network of researchers and artists interested in the cultural processes of imagining and narrating urban experiences from the margins. 

EROSS@DCU is an interdisciplinary sexuality-focused research cluster which recognises the intersectional nature of gender and sex matters, and their intrinsic relationship to our experiences in the world as intimate, social and political beings. 


Organizing Board 

Patricia García (conference director, Universidad de Alcalá, ES)

Jean-Philippe Imbert (conference director, Dublin City University, IE)
Javier Ignacio Alarcón Bermejo (Universidad de Alcalá, ES) 

Ana Casas (Universidad de Alcalá, ES)

Fernanda Bustamante (Universidad de Alcalá, ES)

Francisco Javier de León (Universidad de Barcelona, ES)

Albert Jornet Somoza (Universidad de Barcelona, ES)

Maria Clara Menezes (Dublin City University, IE)

David O’Mullane (Dublin City University, IE)

Ana Rodríguez Callealta (Universidad de Alcalá, ES)

Olga Springer (Dublin City University, IE)
Raquel Velázquez Velázquez (Universidad de Barcelona, ES)

Scientific Committee

Lieven Ameel (Tampere University, FI/ President of the Association for Literary Urban Studies)
Emilia Di Rocco (Spapienza Università di Roma, IT)
Bernard Franco (Sorbonne Université, FR)
Richard Hibbitt (University of Leeds, UK)
Elisa Kriza (Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, DE)
Brigitte Le Juez (Dublin City University, IE)
Chiara Lombardi (Università degli studi di Torino, IT)
Asun Lopez-Varela (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ES)
Florencia Quesada (University of Helsinki, FI)
Catherine Rottenberg (University of Nottingham, UK)
Zsuzsanna Varga (University of Glasgow, UK)
Sandra Vlasta (Università di Bologna, IT)
Metka Zupančič (University of Alabama, US)